VARBERG CALLING for Peace celebrated the 100th anniversary of an international Peace Summit that took place in Varberg in 1915, summoned by The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society and locally organized by Varberg Peace Association.

Representatives from over 200 Swedish organizations participated; representing the peace movement, the labor movement, the temperance movement, the women's movement, youth organizations and the church. Finding pathways to peace was the overall objective, and the congress passed the so called Resolutions of Varberg. These resolutions were submitted to embassies and governments all around the world and also posted to all municipal government in Sweden.

Through various international peace conferences the Resolutions of Varberg continued to spread across the world. In that same vein VARBERG CALLING for Peace invited everyone to gather around the great challenges that our world faces today.

Throughout the year, a variety of activities and events drew attention to the anniversary, and thereby inspired the citizens of Varberg and Sweden to work together for sustainability and human rights. Varberg is calling and everyone is invited: come join us in maintaining and creating peace!


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Scheduled events              

Opening ceremony - January 1st 2015

A manifestation of peace was held on New Year’s Day, centered around Varberg Square. Music by a local children’s choir, opening speech by County Governor Lena Sommestad and, in the midst of everything, a magnificent hot-air balloon to symbolize the struggle for peace. Marcel Mulombo, a human rights activist and refugee from Kongo who resides in Varberg since one year, held an encouraging speech to the effect that local commitment can make a difference globally. In the basket of the balloon, people were invited to leave their own message of peace, to be transmitted from World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station on World Radio Day, February 13.


“Rosenfred – a tribute” – June 25th to 27th 2015

A three-day celebration meant to engage young citizens of Varberg in a public discourse dealing with peace and human rights. The theme of Rosenfred – a tribute will developed during the spring of 2015, when groups of students from Varberg schools processed the concept of peace. A ceremony was held at the School of Rosenfred, site of the 1915 Peace Summit, as well as several art projects and other cultural activities.


International Peace Forum Varberg – October 23rd to 25th 2015

The Varberg International Peace Forum is an entirely new meeting place for the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge about peace. Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee, Cikus Cirkör and many other interesting speakers and artists visited Varberg, 23-25 October 2015.


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