.:My projects:.

PEnguinCrypt-src v1.0 (23-07-03) - Simple PE-crypter that screws up PE-header in memory, checks for SoftIce and does CRC checking. (C/asm)
For fun, I'll release the source-code when someone brings me the code for an unpacker.
Updated: (25-07-03) - Received a decryptor made by [NtSC]; some hours later bF! sent his unpacker. Very nice job both of you!
Un-PEnguincrypt_v1.0 by [NtSC]
DePEngC by bF!
TVinfo v0.2.1 (12-07-03) - TVinfo is a TV guide utility that fetches TV listings from www.dagenstv.com,which supports over 100 channels.It is possible to add shows to your own list of favourites, and have the program notify you when they are about to start.(C,linux only!)
Changes: Updates to the parsing code; the program will now work again.
terrain.cpp, terrain.h (06-06-03) - A class that generates a terrain from a heightmap(.tga) and smooths the normals.
Requires PictureReader.cpp, PictureReader.h, Reader.cpp, Reader.h, 3DMath.h to compile.(C++)
Unlimited Water Supply (23-05-03) - An OpenGL-demo featuring particles, bezier surfaces/curves and lighteffects in interaction with a very nice musictune.(MVS6,C++)
RepeatIt v0.0.4 (28-04-01) - An XMMS plug-in which supports "Song repeat", "Clip repeat", and "Intro seek".(C,linux only)
Det bortglömda landet - Visual Basic adventure game I made a long time ago.(not even finished)

.:Other/old stuff/crap:.

downtime.c - A small program loggs downtimes.(C)
zarch-exploit.pl - Zarch exploit(buffer overflow), results in a rootshell.(Perl)
qwsv-explot.c - QuakeWorld server DoS exploit.(C)
Marcus Bäckman - Pingvin - pingvin at varberg.se